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ABL Exam Pros provides reliable field exam and consulting services to Asset Based and Commercial Lenders. Our experienced examiners understand your customer's industry and business so that we can provide you with the information you need to make more informed credit decisions and limit potential losses. We peel away the layers of information to ensure an understanding of the collateral quality and business risks, such as:

  • Unusual cash disbursements
  • Irregularities in the booking and record-keeping of receivables
  • Inconsistencies in presentation of inventory numbers
  • Slow-moving or obsolete inventory
  • Weaknesses in inventory costing methods that affect collateral values and lead to mistakes in income statement reporting
  • Liabilities that affect the liquidation value of collateral like customer deposits or deferred revenues
  • Purchase security interests against inventory
  • Hidden risks such as past due payroll, real estate or sales taxes, union disputes, environmental or hazardous waste issues
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ABL Exam Pro Services
  • Survey Exams
  • Recurring Exams
  • Pre-Funding Exams
  • Cash Exams
  • Collateral Monitoring
  • Special Request Exams
  • Work Outs
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